us, new place


us, new place
XPAN, TMY2, DD-X, 1+4, 67F, 8min

2014 was an interesting year.

  • January and February were spent running increasing distances in the cold and the dark. We also got a new bed in January. It continues to be awesome.
  • In March we visited Kate’s sister in Boston.
  • We ran a 10 miler in back in April.
  • We spent a good part of May camping and fly fishing in Shenandoah.
  • In July Kate and I spent a full week in Michigan for the Alofs family annual week at the beach, something I’d done for the first 20 some years of my life, but hadn’t really done for years.
  • We moved around the corner to a much nicer place in August. After a decade of couch-less living, we bought our first couch.
  • In August I also discovered that some lingering back pain was the result of two herniated discs in my lower back.
  • September and October were largely spent on my back, on our new couch. By the last week of October, I could walk around the block, and I was getting off the Percocet.
  • November and December; physical therapy, mindful awareness meditation, increasingly mobility, and a fire in our fuse box. Also, Kate bought me a Gary Weeks rocking chair for my birthday; life altering.

It’s only within the last few weeks that I’ve started to pick up the film cameras again and start to get out into the world. The photo above was taken shortly after we moved in to the new place, but until recently standing to developing and sitting to scan were just too difficult. I’m not fully functional yet, but it’s great to be able to get back analog photography.